Main product

Shanghai Guanbo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd 

GBM is the leading manufacturers of loading and unloading machines, specialized in port machinery,metallurgical machinery,such as:
Grabs,Hopper,Container spreader, Clamps,Cranes etc,Manufacturer of Marine Offshore Crane, Shore Crane, Mobile Harbor Crane, Ship Crane, Overhead Crane, etc. 
GBM owns a strong R&D team comprised of engineers graduated from Germany with provable practical experience, offering to design and manufacture all kinds of loading and unloading machines.
Our strict production process and quality assurance system guarantee to provide most efficient and cost –effective products with high quality to the customers inland and abroad.
Besides the standard product range, GBM also develops unique solutions for specific situations and customer needs in material handling. GBM will be your most reliable and loyal business partner in China.

Main product:


Remote Control Grabs, Hydraulic Grabs, Mechanical Grabs,Special grab, digging machine grabs,etc.

2. Container Spreader:

20ft-40ft semi-automatic container spreader,Hydraulic Container Spreader,Electro Container Spreader,etc.

3. Hoppers : 

Dustproof hopper, Dusting Hopper, Movable Hopper, dust collector hopper,Fixed hopper.

4. Crane :

Quay Crane,Marine Deck Crane,Telescopic Boom Crane,Knuckle Boom Crane,Bridge Crane, Grab Ship Unloader,Screw Ship Unloader

5. C-clamps, Lifting Beam, Hydraulic Breaker, Truck Mounted Crane, etc.