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Shanghai Guanbo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

GBM is an Integrated Solution Provider in the Port & Cement Extended Industry, with its own core technology and a focus on innovation.
Based on GBM's expertise and technical qualifications,we provides complete solutions for the handling and storage of bulk cargo terminals, from the design, supply and subsequent technical services of cranes, hoppers, grab,conveyors,bagging machine with cost effective solutions at a short notice .
By extensive cooperation experience with Chinese design institute,and integrating and classifying high-quality supply chain system.GBM committed to the port of overall planning; front-end design; construction ;equipment provision for any of our valued customers.
Our “One-Stop Service” is aimed at meeting client’s requirements at minimal cost.

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Shanghai Guanbo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturers of loading and unloading machines, specialized in port machinery, metallurgical machinery , such as: grabs,hopper,container spreader, clamps,deck crane etc,

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