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Electro-hydraulic rotary telescopic spreader

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    The hydraulic telescopic spreader is specially designed for container shore bridge cranes. It can also be used for rail-type gantry cranes, floating cranes and portal cranes. Suitable for ISO standard 20-foot and 40-foot container handling operations with a rated lifting capacity of 40-45 tons. Driven by hydraulic system, the function of self-rotating container orientation is a kind of container spreader with a high degree of automation and high work efficiency. It is especially suitable for large-scale container yards and occasions requiring high loading and unloading speed.
    Telescopic spreader is driven by hydraulic transmission telescopic chain or cylinder, so that the spreader automatically retract and change the length of the spreader to adapt to change the length of the spreader stretching to accommodate the loading and unloading of different specifications of the container. Although the weight of the telescopic spreader is relatively large, the length adjustment is convenient, the operation is flexible, the versatility is strong, and the production efficiency is high.

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    Suitable for operating ISO standard 20 feet 40feet container

    Suitable for operating ISO standard 20fet 4feet container

    AC 220V( Optional)

    Rated lifting capacity


     total power


    Permissible load eccentricity


     Protection class

    IP 55

    Tension lug weight


    System working pressure

    100 bar

    Weight (spreader part)


     Ambient temperature


    Retractable (20 feet to 40feet)


    Twist lock mode

    ISO Floating Revolver, Cylinder Drive

    Revolving (90°)


     Telescopic Drive

    Hydraulic Motor Drive Sprocket/Roller Chain Drive

    Guide Plate (180°)


    Guide Plate Device

    Detachable Guide Plate

    Self-aligning (±1200mm


     Rotary Drive

    Hydraulic Motor Drive




    Ship unloader, Track Crane, Tire Crane, Portal Crane, Boom Crane