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Wind-driven Intelligent Fog Gun

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    The fog gun is an environment-friendly equipment for purifying air by converting water into water mist. Its principle is to atomize the normal solution into water mist particles of 10 to 150 micrometers by a special high-pressure atomization system and a multi-layer annular spray ring. After being accelerated by a high-speed fan and diffused in large area, tiny mist particles accumulate and float in the air to form as white cloud mist. With particles and fine surface tension basically zero, the PM2.5 and PM10 dust particles suspended in the air can be quickly adsorbed, being polymerized and settled to remove the dust and reduce the smog. The sprayed water mist can quickly absorb the heat in the air, reduce the ambient temperature and increase the air humidity fast and effectively.

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    The fog gun can be connected with the intelligent module to automatically detect the air quality. When the dust concentration reaches the threshold, the fog will be automatically turned on to remove dust, saving time and worry.
    Relying on the smart and environmental protection platform, four major system functions and six implementation methods, it provides protection for networked enterprises.
    3.Long Range and Wide Coverage
    Being designed with professional aerodynamic and adopting unique air duct shape, it covers farther range under the same power of similar products. The fog particles are finer and more uniform, and the dust is more fully contacted to reach better effect in removing dust; 
    4.Low energy consumption, high rate of functional conversion, saving water, electricity and investment costs;
    5.With professional industrial design and beautiful appearance under the premise of meeting safety, reliability and performance indicators, the air duct and components are all treated with two baking varnishes and anti-corrosive paint whose brand is famous domestic and abroad; 
    6.Safe and reliable

    High-end PLC and precise photoelectric switch control are applied. Other electrical products adopt domestic famous brands to ensure accurate and effective execution of each instruction. Product safety and safety measures are essential. The product implements three guarantees of quality, one-year warranty and lifetime service.