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TeleStacker Conveyor

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    The Ship Loading TeleStacker Conveyor is best suited to load Panamax vessels and conveniently packages inside containers for overseas shipping. Models include units for both rear truck unloading and compact side unloading. The 170-foot-long (52m) conveyor’s belt is 42-inches (1,065mm) wide for production of up to 1,500 tons per hour (1,360 MTPH).

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    The TeleStacker Conveyor is pound-for-pound the strongest, safest and most productive telescopic stacker on the planet. Every square inch of steel is designed to carry more load, provide more stability, and move material at the lowest cost per ton.

    Mobility is one of the most important functions of the new conveyor. All-wheel travel capability means moves are easy throughout confined quays and terminals including carousel, crab, parallel, inline and radial movements. Adjusting wheel positions takes less than a minute, which means moving from hatch to hatch or from storage to operation is easier and faster than ever. Many movements can take place during active material handling to maintain consistent feeding of the ship.

    Stockpiles up to 395,500 tons (300,000 tonnes) Multiple axle configurationsAdvantage:
    1. Lower Investment
    Significantly lower capital investment than highly-engineered, fixed systems. You just need a smallerbudget now.
    2. Less Engineering
    Faster lead times compared to fixed systems requiring excessive engineering. You can sava a big work in engineering design.
    3. Quick Installation
    Installation times measure in hours and days versus weeks or months. Just a few time, you can have a shiploader conveyor system.
    4. Smaller Footprint
    Small footprint creates more dock space for other opportunities. You can make use of all the space of our port to generate profits
    5. High Mobility
    Highly mobile shiploaders can rapidly move in and out of your operation. You also can move it to other ports and in-land terminals.
    6. Powerful Function
    Multi-functional machinery performs loading, unloading and stockpiling tasks. You can use it to stack and load dry bulk materials.